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UTPVision USA, Inc.

UTPVision is a leading provider of turnkey vision inspection systems for rubber and plastic parts. With long experience in a variety of industries, UTPVision can develop solutions for virtually any application, precisely tailored to customer needs.

UTPVision’s automated vision inspection and sorting systems are designed for real-time quality monitoring and statistical process control. They are able to identify critical surface defects (such as cuts, cracks, flashes, burrs, pitting, voids, blisters, stains, discoloration, foreign material, etc.) and to perform extemely accurate dimensional measurements (lengths, heights, diameters, radii, cross-sections, concentricity, ovality, etc.) on different types of products.

UTPVision’s systems feature best-in-class optical, electronic and mechanical components but what makes them unique is the innovative Artificial Intelligence software, which twists the traditional image processing methods based on manually set thresholds. With AI technology, the operator just needs to collect a series of significant defective samples and the machine will identify “objects” (with defined shapes) and surface defects (with undefined shapes) just by looking at sample images.

UTPVision՚s systems can improve production quality by detecting manufacturing defects and eliminating inspection errors, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs from day one.

Send in samples for a free feasibility study. Our specialists will be able recommend the best machine configuration based on your specific quality needs, production rates and budget.