Wacker announces price increases for polymer resin product lines

Munich, Germany – The Munich based WACKER Group will implement an additional price surcharge of up to 10 percent for its VINNAPAS®, VINNOL® und VINNEX® resin product ranges. The surcharge is temporary and will be effective for orders shipped as of July 1 or as contracts allow. The price increase comes in addition to pricing measures previously announced this year and is necessitated by continuously rising costs and expenditures for raw materials and logistics. The company’s business division WACKER POLYMERS is committed to maintaining a reliable and consistent supply of polymer resins to its customers.

VINNAPAS® solid resins are thermoplastic polyvinyl acetates (PVAc) These products yield transparent films with excellent adhesion and high gloss. They are used as low-profile additives for composites, hot-melt and structural adhesives and coatings. VINNAPAS® resins are also applied in car manufacturing. Applications include sounddamping sheets and fiber reinforced polymers.

WACKER’s VINNOL® brand consists of vinyl chloride co- and terpolymers. They are used to formulate heat-sealable coatings for aluminum food packaging, printing inks, industrial coatings and adhesives. VINNEX® is a polyvinyl acetate-based additive system used for compatibilizing different biopolymers with one another. This allows the formulator to adjust the physical properties precisely according to the given requirements. A typical application is highly transparent films with significantly improved weldability for food packaging. Other application purposes include paper extrusion coatings for paper cups and thermoforming blends for heat-resistant containers.