Adaptive3D partners with EnvisionTEC to deliver additive manufacturing elastomer solutions at scale

Dallas, TX – EnvisionTEC and Adaptive3D announced that they have executed a materials distribution agreement to pair ToughRubber™ photoresins with Xtreme 8K digital light processing (DLP) printers. Adaptive3D’s tough photoelastomers printed on Xtreme 8K printers will expedite the adoption of additively manufactured solutions for functional end-use elastomeric parts and products.

“Today we are one step closer to ushering in Additive Manufacturing 2.0,” said Adaptive3D CEO Dr. Walter Voit.

EnvisionTEC’s Xtreme 8K is optimized for area-wide photopolymer printing and is the largest build area production-grade DLP 3D printer in the world. Long a technical and market pioneer in additive manufacturing, EnvisionTEC has designed and built these large format top-down 3D printers with the size, resolution and power density needed to rapidly photocure giant micro-architected elastomers. Coupled with Adaptive3D’s photoelastomer resins, businesses can produce tough, durable parts quickly and in volume with premium surface quality, robust thermomechanical properties and high part accuracy.

“We are thrilled to deliver our customers a complete ecosystem solution for the production of tough functional end-use parts and products,” said EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani. “Adaptive3D’s photoresins have proven to create parts with consistent tough, rugged performance across a broad temperature window, providing the ideal materials platform for the production of parts across a range of markets including consumer, industrial & electrical, medical and transportation.”

Adaptive3D sells photopolymer resins to enable additive manufacturing of tough, strain-tolerant, tear-resistant, biocompatible rubbers, such as its flagship resin product, Elastic ToughRubber 90™: a tough, printable elastomer for all seasons. Adaptive3D printable photoresins are optimized for high-throughput manufacturing of functional complex 3D plastic and rubber parts in consumer, healthcare, industrial, transportation and oil and gas markets. “Today we are one step closer to ushering in Additive Manufacturing 2.0,” said Adaptive3D CEO Dr. Walter Voit. “Our vision has always been to enable volume additive manufacturing through optimized materials with engineered micro-architecture, and the EnvisionTEC Xtreme 8K is the ecosystem platform needed to fulfill that vision today.”