Desktop Metal acquires Adaptive3D

Adaptive3D is a category leader in printed elastomers for additive manufacturing. Its products enable volume end-use parts production via additive manufacturing of odorless, tough, strain-tolerant, tear-resistant and biocompatible rubbers and rubber-like materials. Adaptive3D’s solutions are designed for high throughput manufacturing, while maintaining low cost of production with superior material performance. The company serves a broad customer base across consumer, healthcare, industrial, transportation, and oil and gas markets.

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Achieving savings in the post-curing process of fluoroelastomer compounds prepared by injection molding

Commonly, rubber compounds based on FKM elastomers are subjected to two stages of cure in order to optimize physical and mechanical properties. Compression set and tensile strength are the main properties usually improved by the post-cure stage. The initial stage is called curing, and is performed under pressure in a mold during the injection molding process. A secondary stage called post-cure is performed in an oven under air or nitrogen atmosphere in order to complete crosslinking reactions. This removes volatile by-products and additives to obtain enhanced, stable physical and mechanical properties

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Adaptive3D partners with EnvisionTEC to deliver additive manufacturing elastomer solutions at scale

EnvisionTEC and Adaptive3D announced that they have executed a materials distribution agreement to pair ToughRubber™ photoresins with Xtreme 8K digital light processing (DLP) printers. Adaptive3D’s tough photoelastomers printed on Xtreme 8K printers will expedite the adoption of additively manufactured solutions for functional end-use elastomeric parts and products

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