Chinaplas 2021 concludes successful international trade fair

Shenzhen, China – On April 16, Chinaplas 2021, the first post-pandemic international trade fair for the plastics and rubber industries, came to an end in the Greater Bay Area. It was the first time that Chinaplas was held at Shenzhen, China. With an exhibition area of over 350,000 square meters, Chinaplas 2021 attracted the participation of 3,576 leading exhibitors from 41 countries and regions, and 152,134 professional visitors from 85 countries and regions. Among the visitors, 2,363 were from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas.

“Both exhibitors and visitors were satisfied with the outcome of the event. This has been a year full of uncertainties and challenges. We are grateful that we have achieved such a satisfactory result through the collaborative efforts of all supporting parties,” said Ada Leung, general manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., organizer of Chinaplas.

“China’s economy continuous to see a robust recovery, with the first quarter’s GDP increased by 18.3 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Under the effective pandemic prevention and control measures, together with the speeding up of the ‘dual circulation’ development, Chinaplas achieved success through the unlimited potential of China’s domestic market and the increased demand for high quality innovation technology.”

“Compared with the Guangzhou edition of Chinaplas two years ago, the number of local visitors has increased by 23.46 percent, exceeding our expectations. The drop in the number of overseas visitors was anticipated, and was sufficiently understood by most exhibitors.”

“To enable the participation of local and overseas buyers who couldn’t join Chinaplas in person, we proudly presented a live streaming broadcast which has attained nearly 1 million online views. We felt closely the passion of the exhibitors and visitors, the vitality of the plastics and rubber industries, and the enthusiasm of the industry practitioners.”

After two consecutive years of technology development and advancement, a significant number of innovative solutions were launched at the fairground, indicating the future advanced development of the industries. 

With the coming of the “dual carbon” era, “carbon neutrality” related exhibits were put under the spotlight. A large number of solutions for efficient production, energy savings and emissions reduction, biodegradable plastics, bio-based plastics, recycling technologies, etc., were the focuses of visitors at Chinaplas. Single-material solutions and post-consumption recycling (PCR) technologies in the packaging sector were also gaining momentum. There is growing demand for LCP for 5G applications, low dielectric PP, PC modified materials, electroplatable PPS, etc. Consumption upgrade inspires innovation; automotive lightweight materials and techniques together with smart surface decoration processes, such as IMD and IML, and high sensory materials applying to AI cockpits were popular at Chinaplas. With regards to COVID-19, there is a rise in health awareness, which speeds up the advancement of medical technology. The new generation of cold chain packaging materials for vaccine, PEEK, COC materials, antibacterial and antiviral nylon 66 and melt blown materials to meet evolving needs were popular during the show. 

In the machinery halls of the fairground, visitors were able to see plenty of impressive machine demonstrations, such as high-speed printing machines, ultra-high-speed thin-wall packaging machines, data management for intelligent injection molding factory and remote control enhancing the production automation production, etc.

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