Falken technical support guide now available in multiple languages

Berlin, Germany – The “Technical Support Guide for TBR and Bus Tyres” which Falken Tyre Europe GmbH published in English for its customers throughout Europe last summer is now available in several additional language versions. From now on, the popular guide for registered customers is available to download at both the B2B web shop and the media center in the languages of English, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Greek. Additional languages are already in preparation.

Due to the increasing cost pressure – which is also affecting the transport industry – and to further improve its technical customer service, Falken decided to create a detailed guide in which the Japanese brand provides useful information to its customers to help them make cost savings when it comes to their tires. The guide also contains information on use-related recommendations, tire pressure and the basics. Another section discusses the usual forms of damage suffered by tires during their use, and how this can be avoided.

Which parameters influence the ultimate performance of commercial vehicle tires, and why is winter the ideal time of year to fit new tires to HGVs and buses? Why do tires suffer irregular wear patterns, and what steps are recommended in these cases to make the best possible use of the tire despite this? These are just some of the questions that the customers of Falken can find answers to in the “TECHNICAL COMPANION for HGV and Bus Tyres”.

The fact that Falken places considerable emphasis on service and customer support is further confirmed by the two new air pressure tables for HGV and commercial vehicle tires which the company has made available to its customers as A2-format posters. After all, air pressure plays a key role when it comes to issues such as tire safety, efficiency and durability. The posters are initially available for download in English and German in the web shop. On request, the customer advisers at Falken will also be happy to send hard-copy posters to their customers.