Michelin launches improved version of X Mine D2 tire

Greenville, SC – Michelin North America, Inc. has launched the MICHELIN® X® Mine D2 Extra Load L5 35/65R33 tire, an improved version of one of its most popular mining tires.

The new tire, developed to perform in quarry and underground mining applications, is designed to withstand the most aggressive mining environments and has the capacity to carry heavier loads, now with a *** load rating.

“Michelin is extremely proud of this tire because of the increased benefit it offers our customers,” said Sarah Robinson, segment manager of mining for Michelin North America. “The new X Mine D2 Extra Load tire improves upon the well-regarded and trusted X Mine D2 tire, as it increases the load capacity by 16%, from 28,000 kg (30.86 U.S. tons) to 32,500 kg (35.82 tons).

In harsh mining environments, tires are often removed before their maximum life cycle due to damage. The MICHELIN X Mine D2 Extra Load tire utilizes innovative new plies in the sidewall that keep sidewall injuries from spreading and prevent rock cuts from penetrating the sidewall. Combined with the heavier cables at the crown, the MICHELIN X Mine D2 Extra Load tire delivers better aggression resistance, allowing sites to maximize tire life.

“A new bead design enhances the strength of the bead zone,” said Robinson. “Combined with stronger cables for a more robust architecture, the MICHELIN X Mine D2 Extra Load tire increases both efficiency and yield in mining operations for our customers, allowing for more material to be extracted in the same amount of time previously necessary.”

The new tire is available to order in North America through local tire sales representatives in July, with deliveries beginning in August.

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