MonTech offers free e-guide to laboratory press design

Columbia City, IN – MonTech Rubber Testing Solutions offers its free e-guide: The Official Lab Manager’s Guide to Lab Press Design. When designing a new rubber or silicone laboratory press, one needs to ask the right questions. This downloadable guide teaches readers how to build a laboratory press with their application, production and safety requirements in mind. The e-guide outlines key points to consider, including footprint design; specific application options; increasing production capacity; and user ergonomics and safety. Whether it be for quality control or research and development applications, the rubber laboratory press is said to have been one of the most integral pieces of equipment for physical testing and beyond. In a market where aging equipment is prevalent, more laboratories are said to be engineering future press designs to ensure the latest technologies are integrated. Since 1998, MonTech has been developing, producing, distributing and servicing high quality testing machines, their components, and software solutions for elastomeric materials and component testing. MonTech’s extensive product range spans from solutions for basic to high end applications for both quality control and research and development. MonTech rubber testing instruments are available in standardized versions or can be built according to individual customer requests and requirements. With manufacturing and headquarters located in Buchen, Germany, their state-of-the-art facility supports a 98 percent in-house fabrication rate, and a team of experienced engineers forms the foundation of capability for custom solutions. In North America, including the USA, Canada and Mexico, MonTech instruments, service, parts support, technical and application expertise are represented by Richard J. Bagan Inc. With more than 40 years of experience in calibration and repair, and a dedication to the rubber and polymer industries, both companies have partnered to reinforce the growth and support for the North American marketplace.

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