Safic-Alcan acquires Brazilian chemical distributor Proquimil Produtos Químicos

Paris-La Défense, France – Safic-Alca announces that it has acquired 100% of Proquimil Produtos Químicos, a Brazilian chemical distributor specializing in rubber and plastic polymers and additives.
The integration will be led by Luiz Maranho, a seasoned Brazilian executive in the chemical distribution sector, who recently joined the Group to become General Manager of Safic-Alcan Brasil, the newly established entity in the region.
Established over 40 years ago by Mr.Oswaldo Ruffo, Proquimil has established itself as a recognized leader in the field of rubber and plastic distribution. They represent an impressive portfolio of blue-chip producers, providing strong synergies with Safic-Alcan’s existing network.
“The establishment of Safic-Alcan Brasil, the acquisition of Proquimil and the onboarding of Luiz are major steps towards our goal for ongoing geographical diversification. The core business of Proquimil is rubber, so it is quite fitting to start our activities in South America in a sector very much entrenched in our DNA” stated Yann Lissillour, CEO of the Safic-Alcan Group.
“I am delighted to welcome Proquimil’s employees to the Group. I look forward to ensuring a smooth transition with the help of Mr.Oswaldo Ruffo and Mr.Oswaldo Ruffo filho”, commented Maranho, General Manager of Safic-Alcan Brasil.

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