Softroc announces expansion plans for Texas

Waco, Texas – Softroc®, a provider of rubberized surfacing for indoor and outdoor areas, plans to expand its presence in Texas by opening five new locations by the end of the year. Softroc already has two locations in Texas.

“We see tremendous growth potential in Texas,” said Courtney Harmon, president of Softroc. “With its heat absorbing and non-slip properties, our unique product is well-suited for the pools, decks and patios of Texas. We are confident that our business model, combined with the support and resources provided, will help franchisees succeed.

Softroc is composed of small rubber granules that are mixed on-site with a specially formulated binder to form a permanent, resilient, non-slip surface. Softroc’s distinct characteristics enable it to be easily customized and useful for a wide range of applications, including swimming pools and decks, patios, playgrounds, home gyms, garages, and more.

Softroc intends to open 150 new locations in the United States over the next three years. 

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