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Targeting sustainable additives through derivatization of soybean oil

It is known that the oil used as a plasticizing agent in rubber compounds has historically been of petroleum origin. These oils include distillate aromatic extract (DAE), treated distillated aromatic extract (TDAE) and medium extracted solvate (MES). Since 2011, Goodyear has been investigating the utility of soybean oil (SBO) as an alternative to replace petroleum based oils. It was found that the unique structural (figure 1) and physical properties of SBO can be harnessed to provide improvements in compound processing and performance for tire applications. Since this discovery, Goodyear has developed multiple products that make use of SBO through extension in solution styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) and as a raw material in tire compounds. The benefits of SBO were harnessed through these avenues to create the Assurance WeatherReady tire in 2017, which is the industry’s first passenger tire to achieve full replacement of petroleum based oil with SBO in the tread.

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ArticlesFeaturedTire Technology & Manufacturing

Tire compounding with graphene: The tire sidewall

The sidewall typically extends from the exterior of the bead area to the shoulder of the tire. This component in a tire has three functions;
Protect the side of the tire from damage due to curbs or other foreign objects.
Due to flexing as the tire passes through its loaded footprint, it must also demonstrate fatigue and aging resistance and protect the tire casing
Via lettering on the sidewall, provide structural information (plies, belts, load carrying capacity) and other regulatory information such as place and date of manufacture, and if needed, white strips (white sidewall), raised white letters, the tire brand or model and name of the manufacturer.

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Silicone rubber from plant based materials

Industrial grade silicone rubber compounds whose precursors are derived from plant based raw materials will be introduced by Wacker at K 2022, the international trade fair for plastics and rubber taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, October 19- 26. Wacker will unveil several biomethanol based product lines under the Elastosil eco umbrella, including one liquid and six solid silicone rubber grades, as well as selected Silmix silicone rubber compounds.

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ArticlesFeaturedLatex and Natural Rubber

Project management: Beauty and the beast

The origins for modern project management stem from the late 1950s, where the methodology was applied in aerospace, defense and construction. With the advent of IT (information technology), a formalized system of project management was developed and has taken a foothold in nearly every business. With the recent initiative to onshore glove manufacturing to the U.S., project management has now become a central framework for the construction, equipment validation and manufacturing initiatives which underpin U.S. based glove manufacturing capabilities.

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