Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd.

Ever since its startup in 1983, Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd. has remained true to its management philosophy, the “Down-to-earth sustainable management ” held by Chairman Yang Chen-Pin. The company has established a market presence with “Honest management ” with the result that “Tung Yu” brand products are distributed in more than 65 nations around the world under its brand name. Our products are widely acknowledged by industry and recognized by customers for their high brand exposure in the global rubber industry. Tung Yu specializes in the manufacture and distribution of rubber and silicon compression, injection molding machines, conveyor belt compression, tire specialty and retreading compression, solid tire machines, and hydraulic machines

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UTPVision USA, Inc.

UTPVision USA, Inc. is a leading provider of turnkey vision inspection systems for rubber and plastic parts. With long experience in a variety of industries, UTPVision can develop solutions for virtually any application, precisely tailored to customer needs. Products include automated vision inspection machines for dimensional control and surface defect detection, including cuts, cracks, flashes, burrs, pitting, voids, blisters, stains, discoloration, foreign material, and more.

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