Teknor Apex re-launches Terraloy sustainable polymers, compounds and masterbatches brand

Pawtucket, RI – Teknor Apex is committed to building on its legacy of many decades of compounding expertise and environmental awareness, by establishing itself as a market leader in scalable and sustainable materials solutions. Responding to market demands for sustainable compounds, the company is relaunching its Terraloy® brand in a dedicated effort to build up a portfolio of products that will meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing industry. The portfolio will include polymers, additives and fillers covering a broad range of sustainable attributes such as recycled, bioderived, and biodegradable content. As the portfolio evolves, it will include credible products with verifiable carbon footprint and LCA data.

Back in 2015, Teknor Apex received two awards for the Terraloy® technology: the “Innovation in Bioplastics Award” from SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association; and the “Bioproduct Innovation of the Year Award” from Ohio State University’s OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center. It was this same year that the United Nations created a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet: The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals, supported by Teknor Apex initiatives, promote a global partnership to improve health and education, reduce inequality and stimulate economic growth – all while addressing climate change and working to preserve our environment.

“As a company that participates in many plastic recycling initiatives and sustainable activities, we are keenly focused on our mission of people and our planet being at the center of our purpose. Building on this heritage Terraloy® platform is a critical step on our path to accelerating the implementation of circular solutions in a way that promotes confidence, transparency, accessibility, and consistency,” said Michael Roberts, Chief Innovation Officer, Teknor Apex. “Our efforts support our history as a sustainability focused partner in the value chain focused on providing customers with new materials that meet their sustainability requirements.”