Arburg cancels Technology Days 2021

Lossburg, Germany – Arburg is cancelling the Technology Days event it was planning to hold June 7-12. Consultations with official bodies and due consideration of the ramifications of the global coronavirus epidemic that are still clearly evident prompted the decision that was taken last Friday. The so-called ‘Federal Emergency Brake’ applied by the German government was a decisive influence on this situation.

“We regret this cancellation hugely, but we are compelled to take this step due to prevailing parameters,” explained Juliane Hehl, the managing partner responsible for marketing at Arburg. “Up until the final moment, we were hoping, and were genuinely working flat out, to enable these Technology Days would take place in the form, at long last, of a physical trade fair,” stated the shareholder with reference to all the planning and efforts invested over the last few months. The Technology Days are a brand in their own right, as well as being the largest in-house event in the entire world of plastics, so Arburg really did do everything conceivable to facilitate, at long last, a personal and physical event experience for customers.

The postponement of the traditional timing of this event from March to June, the extension from four to six days, a COVID-compliant invitation and visitor management system, a meticulously planned hygiene and testing concept: With all of these measures, the safety of visitors and employees was always at the forefront of deliberations.

“As unfortunate as things are at present, we stand by our view that the whole world is looking forward to getting back to normal events and trade fairs,” stated Juliane Hehl. The Technology Days could have acted as a beacon for an entire sector, so it was entirely right and proper for Arburg to have made every attempt to organize and hold the event. “We therefore extend an even warmer invitation to the world of plastics to visit our Technology Days here in Lossburg in March 2022!”

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