Development of an enabling EPDM polymer to improve performance and processability of EPDM compounds

by Solomon Tang, Russ Vogelsong and Willie Burton, Lion Elastomers

Royalene EPDM, a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and a non-conjugated diene, is one of the most versatile specialty elastomers in commercial use today. The main attributes of EPDM are its outstanding resistance to oxidation, ozone and the effects of weathering. It is also highly extendable, allowing high levels of fillers and plasticizers to be added, while still maintaining good physical properties. Its low specific gravity, combined with its high extendability, allow for economical functional parts to be produced. Royalene EPDM, the “crackless rubber,” has found wide use in applications that take advantage of its excellent ozone crack resistance and heat aging characteristics, as well as its low temperature flexibility, chemical resistance and electrical properties.

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