Giti Tire debuts A-Grade Rolling Resistance tire in China on the Mercedes Benz Actros

Beijing, China – Equipped with Giti’s new A-Grade Rolling Resistance tires, the first Mercedes Benz heavy truck, Actros, rolled off the production line at Daimler’s Automobile Plant in Beijing on 23 September 2022.

The truck is expected to reach customers in November, marking the production of domestic heavy trucks for Mercedes. Together with Daimler, Giti provides better products for the Chinese market and customers, continuously leading the transformation of high-end products in the industry and increasing high-end market share.

The A-Grade Rolling Resistance tires were created by Giti Tire, guided by four core competencies of strong wear performance, low rolling resistance, super durability, and excellent handling stability & driving comfort. The 315/70R22.5 ultra-low rolling resistance product has been verified through the road test of our tires on a large domestic fleet with standard load conditions. When compared with mainstream international premium brand fuel saving products in the market, the Giti A-Grade Rolling Resistance tires consumed 3.6% less fuel, and had excellent wear performance, delivering a performance fulfilling its product vision of low rolling resistance and high wear resistance. Most importantly, Giti’s tires fully demonstrated its technical heritage and advantages in product design and technology optimization during the multiple rounds of rigorous objective tests that Daimler has for its OEM projects. Giti tires demonstrated their capabilities at the wet grip braking, handling stability and reliability tests.

In recent years, China’s logistics and transportation industry is moving toward the direction of high efficiency, intensive, green and intelligent. The market and customers’ demand for high-end logistics equipment is increasing, which also drives the rapid development of China’s high-end heavy truck market. Giti Tire closely follows the trend of logistics and transportation industry, capitalizing on our advantages of research and development technology, continuous development and innovation, and has made a leapfrog breakthrough. As a core supplier in the gold value chain system of Daimler, a high-end heavy truck manufacturer, Giti Tire always utilizes scientific and technological innovation to promote high-quality development and set a benchmark for quality in the industry.

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