Hauschild announces new SpeedMixer for rubber compounding

Hamm, Germany – Aerospace, Automotive, Medtech – there are many industries that have high demands on rubber compounds. The art is to create a homogeneous compound of the materials. Mixing the components in exactly the right ratio, at the right temperature and in the right time period is one of the most important tasks in R&D laboratories in the world. Optimal mixing results are achieved when homogeneous, bubble-free and can be mixed with temperature control or cooling. The new Hauschild Speedmixer SMART DAC therefore simplifies and accelerates the development and prototyping immensely.
A Hauschild SpeedMixer® is a programmable dual asymmetric centrifugal (DAC) mixer for laboratory work and small production quantities. It offers fast mixing and grinding of materials that could otherwise take a lot of time. When mixing temperature sensitive materials, a real-time temperature control or cooling of the mixture is needed. The new series Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC therefore comes with vacuum-robotic, sensor integration for temperature, gas etc., variable counter rotation, Internet of things compliance, QR-code reader, remote control, and automatic pot cooling system, which is an absolute novelty in the field of laboratory mixers.
“There is no better way to obtain a homogeneous mixture than mixing with a DAC mixer”, explains Fabio Boccola, CEO of Hauschild Engineering, the pioneer of this technology. “Such a dual asymmetric centrifugal mixer works without a stirring tool, ensures almost one hundred percent degassing and mixes compounds with extremely high rotation values through harnessing centrifugal forces that were previously considered impossible to mix.”
World’s first device with vacuum robotics function.
The new Hauschild SpeedMixer SMART DAC series is already on the market and delights customers in the USA and Europe. New mixing sizes and volumes make the use of this innovative mixer interesting also in small batch production: It allows mixing from 250 g up to 1,5 kg and 2 kg or with mixing volume from 310 ml up to 2.8 litres. Its improved design also allows mixing at very low speeds without the risk of strong vibrations, which is a great advantage when, for example, a light powder is one of the components. For companies with highly automated laboratories and small batch production, Hauschild also offers – as the first in the world on the market – a robot version with vacuum option for perfect degassing.

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