Injection molding training in Ireland moves ahead with Engel

Warwick, U.K. – First Polymer Training Skillnet delivers current, best practice training that meets the demands of employers and employees in the plastics industry. Maintaining strong links with employers, FPT Skillnet is said to be able to preserve its position as the industry recognized, leading provider of accredited training in plastics.

Nigel Baker of Engel U.K. is eager to support the future of the Irish plastics sector. He explained, “Engel U.K. has provided an energy efficient, next generation e-Mac injection molding cell to the training center. This all-electric injection molding machine combines flexibility with a minimum footprint and offers absolute cleanliness, together with perfect repeatability which ensures consistent high quality of the parts produced. Engel provides a great number of machines to processors working in the medical sector. We have a reputation for supplying machines that meet the specific requirements of the sensitive medical industry. We offer utmost safety and absolutely cleanroom-compatible production and precision. Additionally, full documentation and traceability in the manufacturing process is available. With the broad spectrum of medical molding in Ireland, in addition to all the other sectors, we anticipate that this versatile machine will be an extremely useful addition to the training center. It is also hoped that First Polymer Training Skillnet will also be able to take advantage of the online training and webinars offered by Engel to all its customers.”

Alan Harrington, technical training specialist at First Polymer Training Skillnet, said, “The Engel machine has many key features which are new or unique to First Polymer Training. Engel‘s iQ weight control software which automatically detects viscosity fluctuations and compensates for them in the same shot, resulting in fewer rejects and consistent quality of molded parts, and thus higher productivity, is one. We also have the auto-protect injection monitoring self-learning system with highly sensitive protection of the mold during injection, and iQ clamp control which allows the operator to monitor the mold breathing signal and to optimize the clamping force. Our machine is additionally equipped with an Engel Viper 12 RC300 integrated robot with its smart software to achieve the shortest cycle time and maximum efficiency.”

With Engel injection molding machines leading the way in single source solutions, from standard single component injection molding to technically sophisticated applications, such as medical and pharmaceutical components, it is clear that the opportunity to train on one of these machines is a valuable experience, according to the company. Alan Harrington offered more insight: “Ireland has a very buoyant and busy injection molding industry which is growing each year. The sector boasts a highly technical workforce and training has played a huge part in supporting the industry. Demand for injection molding training has been very strong, even considering the absence of face to face training, and we have been successfully delivering injection molding training online. Although challenging, this has been very well received and we have put a lot of work into trying to mimic a face to face course as much as possible. We believe this will allow us to deliver blended training in the future, if required. We are looking forward to hosting a virtual opening of our newly refurbished and extended center in the early summer.”