Latex gloves market forecast with a 9 percent CAGR through 2027

Pune, India – The global latex gloves market is growing profusely since the onset of COVID 19. With the pandemic ever-increasing across the globe, the market demand is rising substantially. The onslaught of the pandemic has still been hovering despite stringent vaccination measures by Governments worldwide. With newer strains emerging regularly, it is expected that the latex gloves market would witness significant traction during the years to come.

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), government initiatives to promote public health safety create vast growth opportunities for the latex gloves industry. MRFR, in its recent study report, asserts that the global latex gloves market is projected to witness significant gains by 2027, growing at an 9% CAGR during the review period (2020-2027).

COVID-19 disruptions seem to have impacted the global latex gloves industry positively. Of course, the pandemic posed several challenges to industry players such as broken supply chains, logistic issues in delivering end products, and attracting workers from quarantines, wreaking havoc on the demand-supply dynamics. However, on the other side, it significantly increased the demand for latex gloves across the private and commercial healthcare sectors.

The market is rapidly returning to normalcy post the lockdown mandates getting relaxed. COVID 19 crises are virtually posing a greater challenge to healthcare authorities across the globe. Countries are proactively lending a helping hand to one another, and geographical barriers are no longer hindering in getting help. Latex gloves manufacturers are taking up various research and development activities exclusively to improve their product lines.

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