MonTech goes green with 100 percent energy self-sufficiency

Buchen, Germany – MonTech Gmbh has officially reached its environment improvement goals with 100 percent energy self-sufficiency. With over 75+ instrument and software solutions, MonTech is the fastest growing rubber testing instrument supplier in the world. And now, MonTech is the only instrument manufacturer to run on completely renewable energy.

Following the initial global pushes for sustainability, MonTech GmbH began implementing its first factory upgrades to incorporate green technologies in 2007. Upgrades began small with solar panels and focusing on sourcing energy only from renewable sources with the goal of eliminating harmful emissions. Further expansions enabled the implementation of geo-thermal energy collection, and intelligent building and manufacturing control systems for energy optimization. Now on the manufacturing floor process oils are minimized, wastewater is treated and re-used, all waste and metal particulates are recycled into the value chain, machinery is upgraded to recover energy, and many other energy efficient technologies have been implemented. The surplus of renewable energy produced by the MonTech factory is equivalent to an amount sufficient to power 50 households. This energy is currently being used to provide power to10 surrounding local houses and businesses.

New goals have emerged for the MonTech team and it continues pushing further to achieve a 100 percent recycling rate. Additionally, more electric vehicles are being added to the sales and service fleets in countries where infrastructure is sufficient to accommodate the transition.

With more green ideas planned for the factory, the global MonTech team is looking forward to continuing contributions for a safer environmental future and giving back to local communities. 

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