NGC launches Acti-Tech grade approved for food contact applications

Copenhagen, Denmark – Nordic Grafting Company A/S (NGC), producer of the Acti-Tech compatibilizer range, launches a new grade approved for food contact applications in the packaging and recycling industries.

NGC thereby enlarges its portfolio of Acti-Tech compatibilizers with the Acti-Tech compatibilizer 16MA11F, which is compliant with EU food regulation 10/2011. This functional polymer can be added to both PE or PP based formulations and tailored to the process equipment due its optimized melt flow.
Quentin Le Piouff, market development manager for NGC, says: “With this latest addition, we are offering processers and recyclers an easy to add and universal compatibilizer for polymer blends used in diverse applications.” “It is also an ideal solution to upcycle mixed polymer feeds from PIR or PCR, enabling the use of these recycled plastics into existing products without lowering end-properties,” continues Kevin Barthomeuf, chief technology officer for NGC. Such a food contact compliant compatibilizer is suitable for many industries besides food packaging and recycling. As Quentin points out: “We are still exploring the fit in new applications for our product range.”

Acti-Tech compatibilizer is based on the Vistamaxx performance polymer from ExxonMobil. They are compatible with other polyolefins, featuring a high grafted monomer content, low VOC content, an MFI adjusted for optimal dispersion and high flexibility. Acti-Tech compatibilizer is designed to enhance performance of a wide variety of polymer compounds and is particularly recommended for polyolefinic materials mixed with engineering plastics, such as PET or PA.
NGC will present its latest food contact approved grade at Compounding World Expo (CWE) fair in Essen, Germany, September 29-30, at booth A645.
Through its mother company, Bjørn Thorsen A/S, NGC will be represented at Interplas fair in Birmingham, U.K., on September 28-30, at booth C32.
NGC product range will also be displayed at Fakuma, taking place on October 12-16 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, at Interpolimeri booth A4-4206.
On April 5-8, NGC will be part of the France Innovation Plasturgie (FIP) fair in Lyon, France.

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