Desma’s DESFEED a flexible silicone feeding solution

Hebron, KY – Desman introduces a stand-alone feeding solution to compliment injection molding.

For applications which require the injection molding of silicone (HTV – High Temperature Vulcanization / HCR – Heat Cured Rubber) DESMA offers a flexible material feeding solution named DESFEED.

DESFEED is a stand-alone device which delivers the raw material to the screw of the elastomer injection machine where it is further processed and injected into an injection mold. Utilizing an electrically driven screw type positive displacement pump and a high pressure feeding hose, DESFEED takes the HCR/HTV raw material (blocks or “pigs”) and meters it to the opening of the injection unit screw. 

DESFEED is truly unique in that it is a portable system which can easily be connected and disconnected from an injection machine.

To use, connect the electrical power to the unit, the feeding hose, and a signal plug to the injection machine and it is ready for operation. The ease of connection makes it possible to easily and quickly move one DESFEED unit between multiple rubber injection molding machines.

DESFEED is best suited for HCR / HTV materials with lower viscosity.

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