Rubber Division, ACS, seeks assistance in extending student outreach

The Rubber Division, ACS, is asking for assistance in extending its outreach to chemical engineering, chemistry and engineering students who have expressed an interest in the polymer industry, but who do not have polymer focused programming at their college/university. This is a new audience the Division is working to reach: undergraduate students who do not attend schools with ACS student chapters. The Division seeks to make all aspects of the industry known to these students, and there is no better way to achieve that than to bring several of them to the International Elastomer Conference. This will be a great opportunity for these students to gain more knowledge specific to the industry, make connections, and show them how amazing the polymer industry is and why they should be a part of it.

The Division is seeking support to assist with covering 20 students’ hotel, meal and transportation costs to make this possible. The number of students brought depends on the support received.

Support Options: Sponsor a student for $750; sponsor a school (four students from same school) for $3,000.

In addition to the pride received in actively working to bring a younger generation into the industry to ensure its continued success, sponsoring companies will receive: Mention of the support in an IEC Daily article during the conference and in a post-IEC Daily article (in Rubber World’s November issue) about this initiative; mention of the support in social media posts about this initiative; and a logo in a thank you ad in the IEC Guide and IEC Dailies.

This will take some coordination, so the sooner the Division can move forward with this, the better. Email Gretchen Cermak at as soon as possible if interested in providing support.

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