Troester releases multiple extrusion unit for difficult requirements

Hannover, Germany – Troester announces the development of the latest in its evolution of co-extrusion heads with an unrivaled range of CoEx heads for up to six compounds.

Requirements for tires are ever changing and becoming more stringent, so do the demands on tire manufacturers. These demands translate directly to suppliers who are continuously facing new challenges. For decades, all major tire companies have valued Troester co-extrusion, or CoEx heads as the key element in their tire component extrusion lines.

The proven quadruplex hammerhead design allows selective compound changes along with modular tooling, and an opening width tailor-made to meet specific requirements. The CoEx head incorporates two dedicated extruders for specialized compound application, thus giving it the designation CoEx 4+2.

Today’s challenges for tire design experts are the source of an ever-growing number of tasks for the CoEx  4+2 head offering a wide array of applications, including the production of ultra high performance tires.

Troester CoEx heads also provide benefits when it comes to total cost of ownership and return on investment. The flexibility and precision to produce the highest quality co-extrusion, the highest degree of operational reliability and longevity, and a dedication to superior quality that is synonymous with Troester, make this head another example of sustainable technology made in Germany.

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