Evaluation of resilient graphitic carbon in a lip seal formulation

by Edward R. Terrill, Joe Fiocca and Jonathan Martens, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory; and Rijo Jacob Robin, Superior Graphite

The potential of Superior Graphite (RGC39A graphite) in a model lip seal formulation was evaluated for abrasion resistance for a wide range of loads. The abrasion testing was based on the ASTM D3702 test method for wear rate and coefficient of friction (COF) of materials in self-lubricated rubbing contact using a thrust washer testing machine. The role of graphite type on key properties was determined. The evaluations included tensile properties, hardness, Phillips dispersion, abrasion resistance and coefficient of friction. The abrasion and COF test varied the counter surface conditions (dry, wet and oily) and the load (pressure) from 30 to 625 psi.

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